Lab personnel

Current lab members

Victoria Moscato
Laboratory technician

Victoria Moscato

Contact info
Office location: BRB 222

Victoria is a Research Technician working on the Climate Change Across Seasons project at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest. Her interest is primarily the rapid evolution of soil microbes in response to climate change. She started using molecular biology as a tool to learn about organisms experiencing climate change during her masters degree with the University of Guam’s Marine Lab, and is thrilled to use her experience in terrestrial ecosystems! When not in the lab Victoria can be found hiking, swimming, or reading. Her favorite mushroom is the Mycena chlorophos.

Chikae Tatsumi
JSPS Postdoctoral researcher

IMG_3124Contact info
Office location: BRB 211

Chikae is a postdoctoral researcher interested in soil microbial communities and their function of biogeochemical cycling under the effect of human activties, such as urbanization and chemical pollution, and how to improve these damaged functions. Shhe earned a Ph.D. degree from Kyoto University, Japan, where she studied the relationship between dominant mycorrhizal type (ectomycorrhizal vs. arbuscular mycorrhizal) and soil N-cycling in dryland forests.vOther than the research, Chikae likes going to the museum and theaters, hiking and running, and playing video games. Her favorite mushroom is Astraeus hygrometricus (earthstar fungi).

Katie Atherton
Ph.D. student, Bioinformatics Program (joint with Segrè Lab) and BU URBAN program


Contact info
Office location: BRB 211

Kathryn Atherton is a Ph.D. student in the Bioinformatics and URBAN programs interested in studying the impact of urban microbial community diversity on human and environmental health. She earned her Bachelor of Science in biological engineering at Purdue University.  She hopes to pursue a career in science policy and communication to protect urban communities from the effects of pollution, and her favorite mushroom is Mycena chlorophos.

Michael Silverstein
Ph.D. student, Bioinformatics Program (joint with Segrè Lab)

michael (1)Contact info
Office location: BRB 211

Michael is a PhD student in the Bioinformatics program and he is interested in the role that soil microbial interactions play in regulating climate change. He got his start in studying microbial communities while working at Finch Therapeutics where he helped to design a microbial consortia for the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis using gut microbiome derived strains. While his hands and mind aren’t in the dirt he enjoys rock climbing, cooking, reading, biking, playing music, gardening, and camping (so, some dirt still included…). He is co-advised by Daniel Segrè and his favorite fungi is Tuber magnatum.

Corinne Vietorisz
Ph.D. student, EBE program

Corinne VietoriszContact info
Office location: BRB 211

Corinne works on projects involving the impact of plant and soil resources on interactions between ectomycorrhizal fungi and free-living decomposers. She became excited about fungal ecology while completing an undergraduate thesis at Dartmouth College on ectomycorrhizal community composition and function in Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest. Outside of doing research, she enjoys painting, skiing, and running. Her favorite mushroom is Amanita frostiana.

Zoey Werbin
Ph.D. candidate, EBE program (joint with Dietze Lab)

brazil_beetlesContact info
Office location: BRB 111

Zoey is a PhD student working on forecasting changes in soil microbial communities in space and time, using data from NEON sites. This project is part of the Near-Term Ecological Forecasting Initiative (NEFI), in collaboration with the Dietze lab and the Cary Institute. She has a BA in Biology from Swarthmore College, where she worked with paleobiologists to explore how the current mass extinction compares to previous mass extinctions in the fossil record. She recently interned at a NASA-funded biogeochemical data center at Oak Ridge National Lab. Her favorite mushroom is the crown-tipped coral.

Undergraduate researchers

Rina Sotiropoulou (BMB Program, UROP scholar)

Abigail Li (BMB Program)

Lindsey Adams (Biology B.A. Program, UROP scholar)

Maddy Matonti  (BMB Program)

Isabelle Frenette (Biology B.A. Program, UROP scholar/Honors Thesis student)

David Heaton (Biology B.A. Program, URBAN research scholar/Honors Thesis student)

Jack Argentieri (GENesis research assistant)


Former lab members

Nahuel Policelli; Postdoctoral Scholar, (2020-2023)
Currently: Assistant Researcher, Scientific and Technological Researcher Career, CONICET, Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Sasha ViveloPh.D. student, EBE Program (2015-2021)
Currently: Babson College, Natural Sciences Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow

Tommy Long; BMB Program, UROP scholar (2021)
Currently: Boston University

Jorge Lopez-Nava; BRITE Fellow (2021)
Currently: Swarthmore College

Ryan Huang; RISE Fellow (2021)
Currently: Brown Program in Liberal Medical Education

Briana Hackos; BRITE Fellow (2019)
Currently: Ph.D. Student, Earth Science, Cornell University

Julia Finestone; Undergraduate researcher (2018-2019)
Currently: Ph.D. Student, Microbiology Graduate Group at UC Davis

Colin Averill; Postdoctoral Researcher (2015-2019)
Currently: Senior scientist, ETH Zürich

Jasmine Walsh; NSF-SURF Fellow (Summer 2018)
Currently: Ph.D. student, Chemical Biology, Harvard University

Reagan Bandy; M.S. Student, MCBB program (2015-2019)
Currently: Staff Writer, ORA

Carolyn A. Zeiner; Postdoctoral Researcher (2015-2018)
Currently: Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, St. Thomas University

Maria O. Garcia; Lab manager (2014-2017)
Currently: Ecovative, NY

Aine Russell; UROP student (2015-2017)
Currently: Master’s student, School of Public Health, Boston University

Shayan Avanessian; UROP, BA/MA in Biotechnology student (2015-2017)
Currently: Research assistant, Proteomics Platform, Broad Institute

Shannon Rainsford; UROP, BA/MA in Biotechnology student (2016-2017)
Currently: Graduate student, Biology and Biomedical Sciences, Yale University

Cheta Siletti; UROP student (2015-2016)
Currently: Ph.D. student, Microbiology, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Elizabeth Diaz; NSF-REU in Chemistry Fellow (Summer 2017)
Currently: Undergraduate student, UC Davis

Stacey Cruz-Ramirez; NSF-SURF Fellow (Summer 2017)
Currently: Undergraduate student, University of Puerto Rico

LeAnna Cates; NSF-BRITE Fellow (Summer 2016)
Currently: Master’s student, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

Jonathan Lopez-Duran; NSF-SURF Fellow (Summer 2016)
Currently: Undergraduate student, University of Puerto Rico

Jose Diaz; NSF-REU in Chemistry Fellow (Summer 2016)
Currently: Undergraduate student, UC Santa Barbara

Esther Plotnick; RISE intern (Summer 2016)
Currently: Undergraduate student, Harvard University (starting Fall 2017)

Ameerah Giadat; GROW intern (Summer 2016)
Currently: High school student, Billerica High School

Caylon Yates; Senior Lab Technician (2015-2016)
Currently: Ph.D. student, Penn State University

Jennifer Haskell; Volunteer Undergraduate Researcher (2015-2016)
Currently: Ph.D. student, UC Davis, Soils and Biogeochemistry

Lidimarie Trujillo; NSF-SURF Fellow (Summer 2015)
Currently: Ph.D. student, University of Florida, Microbiology and Cell Sciences

Christopher Thomas; NSF-SURF Fellow (Summer 2015)
Currently: Ph.D. student, Boston University, Cell and Molecular Biology

Vanessa Ford; NSF-REU in Chemistry Fellow (Summer 2015)
Currently: Undergraduate student, UMass Amherst

Anna Yang; RISE intern (Summer 2015)
Currently: B.S. student, Stanford University




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