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PhD Positions in the Talbot lab available

The Talbot lab is seeking Ph.D. students to join the lab in the Fall of 2015. We seek motivated students to work on projects focused on the ecology and biochemistry of microorganisms in the environment, with the goal of understanding the mechanisms of microbial community dynamics and their role in biogeochemical cycles. Students will have the opportunity to become proficient in molecular, biochemical, ecological, and mathematical approaches to study microbes in both the laboratory and field systems. Our work focuses on the ecology of fungi, because they are responsible for moving large amounts of energy and elements between the biosphere and the atmosphere, their taxonomic and ecological diversity is immense, and because new tools are emerging to study these aspects of fungi in exciting and creative ways. However, we also offer the opportunity to work on other types of microbes important to the functioning of ecosystems.

The Talbot lab is located on the Charles River Campus at Boston University, where we interact with a variety of research programs spanning the Department of Biology, the Department of Chemistry, including the new Chemical Instrumentation Center, and the Department of Earth and Environment. We also have a large and diverse Department of Microbiology at the BU medical school, where the new National Emerging Infectious Disease Laboratory (NEIDL) is located. In addition to the graduate program in the Department of Biology, the College of Arts and Sciences hosts a number of interdisciplinary graduate research programs that span departments, including the Molecular and Cell Biology and Biochemistry program, the Biogeosciences program, and the Bioinformatics program.

Applicants with a background in ecology, chemistry, molecular biology, mycology, and/or microbiology are encouraged to apply. Ideal students would have interest and experience in molecular and/or chemistry techniques.

Interested candidates should contact Jenny Talbot via email ( with information about their previous experience and their interest in joining the lab. Information about the BU Department of Biology Graduate Program, including graduate admissions deadlines, can be found here:


If you are interested in working in the lab as a research assistant, pursuing a graduate degree as a Master’s student, or joining the lab as a postdoctoral research fellow, please send me an e-mail.

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